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Jake Coleman calls for creation of Minnesota legislative task force to combat terror recruitment

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February 23, 2016


GOP Senate candidate says time for Legislature to “get into the fight”

(Carver County) – Jake Coleman, a candidate for GOP endorsement in Senate District 47, today said he will push legislative leaders to create a joint House-Senate Terrorism Task Force to combat the growing threat posed by ISIS and other terrorist groups recruitment of young Minnesota men and women.

“The threat of homegrown terrorism is in our backyard and it’s time the Minnesota Legislature gets into the fight to protect our state,” said Coleman, who warned, “We are no longer thousands of miles away from the threat. It is in our communities, near our schools, our places of worship and our businesses. Hoping it goes away is not a strategy, nor is putting our faith in a President who refuses to accept the global war on terror is not over.”

Coleman outlined specific goals for the Task Force, including greater coordination among federal, state, and local law enforcement; investing smartly in recruitment intervention programs; and providing support for families and communities to create economic, social and cultural opportunities for young Minnesotans being targeted by terror groups.

The Task Force would also develop a comprehensive anti-terrorism strategy that recognizes Minnesota’s unique position as “ground zero” in domestic recruitment by ISIS.

While some have called for small increases in funding for anti-radicalization programs, Coleman argued, “We can’t just throw more money at the problem. A coordinated plan that ensures taxpayer dollars are used effectively is key to protecting the families in our state.”

Coleman’s call for a joint Terrorism Task Force comes just weeks after federal authorities in Minnesota put forward an untested proposal to release ISIS recruits on probation. “The last thing Minnesota should do is coddle these aspiring terrorists and if elected to the State Senate I will block this effort and make protecting our communities a top priority.”

Jake Coleman lives in Chanhassen and is a candidate for the Senate seat in District 47.

About Jake Coleman for State Senate

I am running for State Senate because I believe that Minnesota needs fresh voice and a bold vision in our state legislature. I want to bring common sense solutions, as well as policies that offer choice, growth and prosperity, instead of recycling the same ideas again and again.