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Jake Coleman calls for special investigation into MNSure waste and abuse

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February 17, 2016


GOP Senate candidate seeks answers to role of Governor’s Office and DFL leaders in failed oversight of troubled health care program

(Carver County) – Jake Coleman, a candidate for GOP endorsement in Senate District 47, today sent a letter to the Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor calling for them to open a deeper investigation into the role the Governor’s Office and DFL legislative leaders may have played in the failed oversight of the troubled MNsure health care plan.

“MNsure has been a failure from the beginning, but the discovery of nearly $300 million of potential fraud demands a fuller investigation into why the system failed repeatedly and what DFL leaders and staff in the legislature and Governor’s Office knew and when they knew it,” said Coleman.

“Taxpayers need accountability. There are millions of taxpayer dollars at risk, and we need answers now,” said Coleman, who pointed to a new federal report showing MNsure leaders have known about these problems from the very beginning.

That report found MNsure has been registering ineligible recipients since its 2013 rollout. MNsure has admitted some of these issues remain unresolved, but taxpayers have yet to be given a full accounting of why their hard-earned money was wasted. A separate audit shows MNsure may have overpaid more than $271 million during the first half of 2015.

“While I applaud the Legislative Auditor for their initial investigation,” said Coleman, “there is undoubtedly a trove of communication between the Governor, DFL leadership, their staff, and MNsure, that would give us a fuller picture of what went wrong, what continues to go wrong, and what they have done to withhold that information from the public.”

According to Coleman’s letter, if suspected criminal conduct is uncovered by the Legislative Auditor, the Attorney General’s office should begin a full-scale investigation.

Jake Coleman lives in Chanhassen and is a candidate for the Senate seat in District 47.

About Jake Coleman for State Senate

I am running for State Senate because I believe that Minnesota needs fresh voice and a bold vision in our state legislature. I want to bring common sense solutions, as well as policies that offer choice, growth and prosperity, instead of recycling the same ideas again and again.