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  • Matt Dean

    Matt DeanR-38B: White Bear

    State Representative & Former Majority Leader

    Over the years, Jake has shown himself to be a thoughtful and articulate conservative. His principled, dedicated service, and youth will be a welcome addition to the Minnesota Senate. More than that, we need really good people with the ability to stay true to their convictions and their constituents. That is why I support and am endorsing Jake Coleman for the Republican nomination for the State Senate seat in District 47.

  • Tina Diedrick

    Tina DiedrickNorwood Young America


    I’m excited to hear that Jake Coleman has announced his candidacy for Minnesota Senate. Jake has shown a dedicated history of service to others, and is the face of a new generation of conservative leaders. His ability to relate to today’s youth voters and problems sets him apart. I believe that he will well serve the people of Carver County with integrity and forward thinking. I’m proud to endorse and support Jake Coleman for the Republican endorsement for Senate District 47.

  • Drew Christensen

    Drew ChristensenR-56A: Burnsville

    State Representative

    I have had the chance to get to know Jake Coleman over the last few years and was excited to hear that he made the decision to run for State Senate in District 47. Jake shares my belief that the problems we face today cannot be solved by the solutions of yesterday. To grow our party, we need to bring in fresh faces and news ideas. We need legislators with the energy and ability to create excitement and enthusiasm about our conservative solutions for Minnesota families. Jake Coleman will be that kind of legislator and I wholeheartedly endorse him in Senate District 47.